CCTV Surveys

A CCTV Camera inspection of a flue will enable us to detect the existence of many hidden problems, such as breaches in the flue wall, blockages from poorly installed liners, birds nests, fallen debris or damage to the mid-feathers (the brick partition between two flues).


Chimney Repairs

Nationwide Chimney repair contractors 1890 929 555- we provide chimney relining and repairs across Ireland

1) Chimney Liner Installation

Nationwide Chimneys are a leading chimney specialist. We are experts in chimney relining & liner installation, lining or relining flues with a variety of different methods.

For an enclosed stove, boiler, Aga, Rayburn, open fire or other appliance to work efficiently and safely the chimney flue must be sound and leak proof. The simplest way to ensure this is to reline the chimney & the flue with one of several systems on offer. Each system has different qualities and  we can advise you on the choices available. Whilst this does not bring the overall condition of the chimney stack into good repair a suitably insulated flue system controls the products of combustion and condensation allowing them to disperse safely into the atmosphere.

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2) Chimney Repairs

Chimneys are often the most exposed part of a property. Over time pointing and weather flaunching can fail allowing rain to penetrate the stack; in combination with frost deterioration is accelerated. If neglected the stack will degenerate and eventually become unsafe and dangerous.

If spotted in time new weather flaunching and pointing will extend the longevity of the stack but from time to time it may be necessary to rebuild the stack in order to ensure its permanence. It is not just the weather that can cause serious harm, chimney fires can do untold damage.

Nationwide Chimneys provide a complete chimney repair, chimney reline and restoration service where a chimney has become damaged or unsuitable for use.

relining chimney flue

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